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Sinus Precautions Post-operative Instructions

The following instructions may help you after your surgery. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.

The sinus membrane is very delicate and can bleed easily.  The doctor may suggest that you take a decongestant. It is normal to have some bleeding from the nose on the side that the surgery was done.

It is very important to remember DO NOT do the following:

*You CAN NOT donate blood for one year as a result of the use of donor material in your surgery.


Avoid any activity or exertion (house work and heavy lifting) for 48 hours after surgery as this may cause the surgical site to bleed and possibly cause additional swelling. After 48 hours, you may begin to resume normal activities, however, if the surgical site starts to throb or hurt, stop the activity immediately.


Smoking significantly impedes healing and may even cause some tissue at the surgical site to die and slough away. Cutting down or quitting smoking during the week following surgery will help to achieve a good result.


You may have moderate discomfort after the local anesthesia wears off. Most discomfort can be controlled by taking your pain medication AS DIRECTED.


Antibiotics have been prescribed to you. We ask that you take the antibiotics immediately and as prescribed by your Periodontist.

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