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Gum Contouring

Is there an aspect of your smile that you’d like to improve, such as receding gums, the length of your teeth, or an uneven or chipped tooth?

Transform your smile just the way you like

Just as you can shape a fingernail or your hedges, you can also shape your teeth and gums to achieve the look you desire. Gum contouring and reshaping is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is easily performed at our Edmonton clinic. Gum contouring for teeth is a cost-effective procedure that can repair slightly misshapen or chipped teeth, teeth that are too long, and adjust gum line issues, typically within 30 minutes.

What’s involved in tooth contouring and reshaping?

Our doctors will start by taking digital x-rays of your teeth to ensure they are healthy and that you’re a good candidate for the gum contouring procedure. Your doctor will mark your teeth to show you the parts that will be sculpted, and once you are comfortable with the treatment plan, he will sculpt the areas marked, polish and smooth your teeth, and you’re done!

If you are interested in learning more about tooth/gum contouring and reshaping options, contact us to find out more – 780-429-2112.

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