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Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is important to keeping your teeth healthy and strong.

Fluoride is your key to healthy teeth

In adults, fluoride treatments help to stop tooth decay by making the enamel on your teeth more resistant to acidic attacks from bacteria and sugar. It can also reverse symptoms of early tooth decay. In the case of young children, fluoride treatment is an important part of the tooth-development process.

Your cavity risk can increase by:

Fluoride prevents cavities in a couple of different ways:

Fluoride treatment concentrates in the developing bones and teeth of children. It also aids in the hardening of enamel in baby and adult teeth.

In adults, fluoride helps to harden adult teeth enamel.

Most municipal water supplies contain fluoride treatments in their drinking water, and it’s recommended to use toothpaste at home with added fluoride. In addition, topical fluoride applications are available at PerioPartners and may be recommended in your individualized hygiene program.

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